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BRAZORIA COUNTY, Tx – A Twitter page full of fight videos claims to involve Manvel High School students.

One image shows a boy wearing a Manvel T-shirt who appears to have a bloody face.  As you already know, whether fights are in the ring or at a school, they almost always have an audience.

This Twitter page is no different.  It has more than 1,500 followers.

One tweet says “you showed us the behind the scenes part of MHS and we’ll forever be grateful for that.”

Whoever handles the account says the school knows about it.

Manvel High sent a letter to parents about the Twitter account, saying the page “provides a false depiction of our community and family that exists at Manvel High School.”

Administrators say the page was created by former students and is not endorsed by Alvin ISD or Manvel High School.

One person posted “I hope @Manvelfights don’t get deleted.”

If these students were hitting the books as often as they’re hitting each other they might actually learn something a lot more valuable.