Two animals make daring escapes from their captors

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SENDAI, JAPAN - Even bars couldn't hold these beasts back! Animals going AWOL are making the news. The first jailbreak happened in Japan after Cha Cha the Chimpanzee busted out of his zoo enclosure. The 24-year old chimp ended up hanging out in a nearby residential area for about 2 hours until zoo officials showed up.

Taking aim of the situation, the animal police shot the runaway chimp with a tranquilizer dart. Needless to say, the scene wasn't very tranquil. A sedated Cha Cha poo pooed all over the people below, until the great ape went airborne and crashed on top of zoo employees. Two rescuers suffered minor injuries, but the chimp was not hurt. No word on how Cha Cha made the daring escape. Now, from the high wire to underwater.

Inky the Octopus managed to squeeze out of a small gap at the top of his tank at the National Aquarium of New Zealand. The smart sea creature slithered across the floor and down an open drain to freedom. Aquarium officials say Inky the Octopus is most likely back in his natural environment, lurking the ocean floor. Talk about the one that got away!

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