Two Houston school bus accidents are under investigation

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HOUSTON – “The wheels on the bus go into a ditch,” is not how the song is supposed to go. But a pair of wrecks involving school buses Monday are making parents tune-in a little more.

In the first crash, two buses collided along the 5500 block of Bacher at Bonaire, sending both of them into a ditch, along with 13 kids and one driver to the hospital. None of those injuries were life-threatening, but that’s not exactly a comfort for many.

“I trust them with my child’s safety to and from school everyday,” says Bleasie Gordon.

In the other accident, Donte Lamara Duplechain has now been charged with intoxication manslaughter after running a red light and slamming into another car, killing the driver, who was a father on his way to pick up his son from school.

That chain reaction crash also whacked an Aldine ISD school bus. No kids were on board at the time.

There’s no word from HISD or Aldine ISD as the crashes are under investigation.


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