Two HPD officers shoot man in Southwest Houston

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HOUSTON –  A routine traffic stop turned into a nearly fatal encounter after two Houston police officers shot a man who they say wouldn’t follow their orders.

“One of the officers approached the vehicle and was giving the passenger verbal commands to show his hands, repeatedly to stay inside the vehicle, which he was not doing,” said Victor Senties, Houston Police Department spokesperson.

All of this went down on Buffalo Speedway near West Fuqua, in Southwest Houston.

HPD officials say after noticing a driver making unsafe lane changes , officers pulled the car over and asked the driver to get out.

But investigators say the passenger tried to get out, too — even after cops told him to stay inside.

Officials also say that while the passenger was still inside the car, the passenger kept reaching underneath the seat.

Not knowing what the man was grabbing for, one officer shot the passenger.

He then got out of the car after being shot and that’s when the second officer fired, hitting the man again.

The passenger was taken to Ben Taub Hospital.

No word yet on his condition.


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