Two Secret Service agents may have been drunk when driving into a White House barricade

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WASHINGTON, DC – They were driving somewhere near the White House when their trip took an unexpected turn to the weird. And by they, we mean two top Secret Service agents, including the second in charge of President Obama’s personal detail.

The pair been drinking at a party when they drove their government car into a security barricade at the White House.

The Washington Post reported uniformed officers wanted to check to see if the agents were drunk. But, according to the paper, just as the agents were ready to get out of the car, a supervisor stepped in and let them go.

The Secret Service says it’s reassigned the two agents to non-operational positions while Homeland Security looks into what happened.

In 2012, nearly a dozen agents may have taken prostitutes back to their hotel rooms in Colombia. And last year, three agents got in Dutch after boozing in The Netherlands, one of them passing out drunk in the hotel.

Now, the latest Secret Service “chuckleheads” in trouble have to decide whether to admit they were driving drunk, or just driving stupid.



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