HOUSTON (KIAH) — A student died from suicide on main campus at the University of Houston this week, and for the second time since February.

On Monday, March 20, university officials communicated their thoughts via social media with the news of the second possible suicide. University of Houston president Renu Khator said it was a “very sad day for UH” and that a task force to deal with suicide prevention is now in place.

Special mental health task force created after two suicides this year at University of Houston main campus

Khator suggested a need for intervention from everyone. The main UH social media account posted a list of support resources available to everyone those impacted, including phone numbers and access to wellness and CAPS therapists.

This is the second time a student died on campus. Back on Feb. 15, another student died on the same campus.

University of Houston changing operations at Agnes Arnold Hall after two suicides on main campus

At that time, the UH president said she was “heartbroken.”