Two Westside HS seniors lose everything in fire days before prom

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brothersHOUSTON, TX – Sometimes, real world problems come knocking even before you’ve set foot into adulthood.

Two Westside High School seniors, brothers Rodrick Trimont and Sidney Pritchett, lost everything in a fire last week.

“Some guys were fighting and, the guy that lost the fight, he grabbed a cocktail bomb and threw it at the apartment,” said Pritchett.

All this, the day before prom.

“It’s real bad because when you lose everything, when you have nothing, and then you have school and you’re about to graduate, it’s hard,” said Trimont.

Though the circumstances were tough, the boys’ tight-knit community is tougher. Rodrick and Sidney’s basketball teammates hosted a benefit game for the boys.

“We just wanted to have a fundraiser on behalf of Westside Basketball to give them some donations and generate money to help them transition back to normalcy,” said Deon Williams, head basketball coach at Westside High School.

What’s next for Rodrick and Sidney? College basketball. Rodrick at Navarro College and Sidney at McPherson College. With strong support from their hometown, we bet they’re nothing these guys can’t do.



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