Typhoon Texas Waterpark melee

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KATY-   The Houston area's newest water-park, Typhoon Texas was temporarily shut down after a private event got out of control!

Flyers made the rounds among thousands of teens attending the "Christian lock-in" but others came to the event advertised as a "youth lock-in"- meaning you're locked in the water park from 10:30 pm to 6:30 am for a long night of fun.  But it turned out to be a night of chaos as some teens got rowdy.  Katy police were called in, and closed it down.  So now you have thousands of teens with no where to go, causing mischief in surrounding areas around Katy- that's according to a Facebook user Maria Miller who said the crazy night involved kids smoking pot in the parking lot, and hardly any adult supervision.

We spoke to Bernard Kaplan, spokesperson for Typhoon Texas Waterpark. "We estimate that anywhere between 3,000 to 5,000 people were here. That's well below the overall capacity of the park. This was not a capacity issue. This was not a security issue. This was a misconduct issue. Just basic misbehavior- it's running, it's not listening to lifeguards, it's climbing too many people in the lazy river, really, just not listening to instruction.  Obviously, there were a lot of people here, but we took the measures that we did, to avoid any further problems, and that was closing the park. We have no reports of injuries, or arrests at this time" explains Kaplan.

Typhoon Texas just opened its doors two weeks ago, and it's hoping to put this night behind it... so it can continue with some clean, family fun in the sun.


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