U.S. foreign-born population to hit a high by 2025

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HOUSTON, TX - They might have not been born here, but they got here as quickly as they could. Foreigners will soon outnumber native-born Americans by the year 2025, according to the Pew Research Center. Professor of sociology at the University of Houston, Luis Salinas says, "The foreign-born is making up about 13% of the population right now and it's expected to keep increasing to what it was roughly about a hundred years ago."

Actually, it's a 125-year-old record that would break if the projected immigrant population reaches 14.9% in the next ten years. The last time the US showed numbers like that was back in the late 1800's, when waves of Irish, Italian and Polish immigrants landed on our shores. This news foreign-born majority "forecast" is bound to be a hot button topic in the upcoming presidential campaigns, as different candidates weight in on what role immigrants in the us will play in the future. Maybe they should look at the past, for answers. Salinas says,"What's interesting is that the stereotypes that we hear about the foreign-born today, are almost identical to the stereotypes that we heard a hundred years ago. In terms of taking jobs from people. Actually immigrants create jobs. And secondly, in terms of crime, they're much less likely than their American born counterparts to engage in crime."

So, many say "immigration" is all part of the ever-changing story that is America. United we stand, no matter where we come from.


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