U.S. helicopter crashes near North Korean border

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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – It was a close call for some U.S. military personnel in South Korea. A marine C-H-53 Super Stallion helicopter like this one made a hard landing during a drill near the border with the north. No one died, but twenty-one people on board went to the hospital.

The annual joint military exercises of South Korean and U.S. forces have really upset North Korea’s leadership this year, calling the war games equal to a declaration of war.

And now, North Korea’s military warns it will launch a surprise attack that will be like powerful sledgehammer blows.

Sledgehammer? Who knew Li’l Kim was a big Peter Gabriel fan.

Monday, Seoul METRO, the military, and first responders staged a counter-terrorism drill at an underground station, just in case Li’l Kim pushes a button. And that’s because they take his death threats dead serious.



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