U.S. ranked as world’s 13th happiest country

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HOUSTON, TX- They say this is the year of the angry voter.  Although, it looks like Americans are actually pretty happy.  In this year's World Happiness Report, the land of the free and the home of the brave came in 13th place among 157 nations.  Who would have thought 13 is our happy-go-lucky number?

"I think we can always improve as a country," said Houston resident Jennifer Barajas.  "I think a lot of people are unhappy that deserve to be happy, but 13 is not bad."

According to the United Nations and Gallup, Denmark is once again the happiest country on Earth, followed by Iceland, Norway, Finland and Canada, our country of choice come November 2016.

And which nations are the party-poopers?  Let's just say there's no Disney cruise sailing to Burundi, Syria, Togo, Afghanistan, Benin or Rwanda at the moment.

Social inequality is seemingly the main reason Americans are not as happy as Northern Europeans.

"I think like any country there's happy parts about it, there's happy areas; it depends on what's going on in your life," Jessica Abii added.

But let's face it: sometimes we take so much stuff for granted that we don't realize the grass is actually greener at home.


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