UH student robbed at gunpoint on campus

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HOUSTON, TX – Other than the occasional wedgie, school’s supposed to be a place where students feel safe. Students at the University of Houston have, once again, been targeted.

The UH Department of Public Safety put out a campus-wide security advisory after a guy robbed a student at the Cambridge Oaks Apartments, a student housing complex on campus.

The guy says he heard a knock at his door, opened up and was face-to-face with the barrel of a semi-automatic handgun. The suspect, who was described as being about 5-feet tall and wearing a red jacket and black pants, apparently forced the unsuspecting victim into his roommate’s bedroom where he took both their wallets and told them to stay put or he’d shoot. The two guys heard the man going through the other bedroom, but they’re college students, so they were smart enough to stay put until they heard the guy leave.

The university told students to stay alert, stay safe and stay alive. Oh, that was Jim Pruett, but the school had a similar message.

Learning’s hard enough without students feeling like they have to constantly watch their backs, although it does provide a perfect excuse to cheat!


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