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KIEV, UKRAINE – So while things settle down in Kiev, Ukrainian officials continue to play a game of ‘Where’s Waldo’ trying to track down former President Viktor Yanukovych.

Yanukovych cut a deal with the opposition and then cut and run from his country.

Yanukovych’s departure has allowed the doors of his presidential palace to be opened to the public, and the public’s eyes to be opened to Yanukovych’s abuses of power.

Thousands of people flocked to see what’s being characterized as the former president’s “insultingly extravagant” lifestyle. A bizarre, enormous and eerily empty mansion on grounds that took hours to tour.

Ordinary citizens who have never seen the likes of this kind of greed filled his once secret living quarters and what was inside was shocking to most Ukrainian’s who are very poor.

Gold plated toilet brushes, Versace plates, a private zoo, the president’s own vodka line, and a car collection that included a fifties Bentley, a Soviet armored limo, and an American Army Jeep. Pretty impressive for a guy who didn’t drive.

Of course, spectators didn’t get to see the now-infamous Presidential helicopter. Yanukovych used that for his get-away.

Shockingly there was no looting and nothing was stolen. That’s because citizens say that’s something Yanukovych did.

Now, he’s wanted for mass murder and all the gold toilet brushes in the world couldn’t scrub you clean of that!