Ukrainian president reportedly flees Kiev

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KIEV, UKRAINE – Violence and uncertainty continue in Ukraine, but there’s a ray of hope.

After hours of tense negotiations, Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych reportedly cut a deal with the oppostion…and then cut and run.

The president reportedly fled the capital city, retreating to eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile, the country’s parliament voted unanimously to remove him from office.

Another clear sign the president’s regime is crumbling — Ukraine’s ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko was freed from prison.

The iconic leader of the opposition addressed supporters, telling them “heroes never die.”

But sadly, the protests have killed dozens. The opposition held a ceremony Saturday to bid farewell to their fallen comrades.

So far, the decrease in violence is giving way to a feeling of uncertainty in Ukraine’s capital city.

Here’s hoping no more lives will be lost while the country begins to navigate its new future.


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