United Airlines’ new hub unveiled at IAH

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HOUSTON, TX – What’s the buzz at George Bush Intercontinental Airport? United Airlines’ hub, Terminal B, got a makeover. That’s ‘b’, for bigger and hopefully better.

Never mind that when United and Continental merged, Continental’s Houston headquarters ended up in Chicago, leaving many Houstonians unemployed. A new and improved Terminal B is a nice consolation prize, right?

It’s four times the size of the old terminal B, coming in at 225,000 square feet. It has 17 spots for food and retail shops, plus expanded lounge areas.

The price tag? A hefty $97 million. But you’ve got to spend money to make money.

“If people can’t get here, they can’t spend money here. If people can’t get here, they can’t do business deals here. So making sure our airports and our airlines have good connections to Houston is what’s going to keep up at the forefront worldwide as we move forward,” said Mayor Annise Parker.

The first 15 gates will be open by May 1st, with another 15 more added by the end of the year.

Even better? In addition to the 300+ construction jobs, this expansion has also created dozens of airport jobs. You here that, ex-Continental employees?


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