University of Kentucky is offering a class on tacos

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HOUSTON, TX – A favorite college staple food has graduated to the head of the class. The University of Kentucky is offering an undergraduate course on tacos and many are salivating at a chance to enroll. Professor Steven Alvarez calls his class, “Taco Literacy: Public Advocacy and Mexican Food in the US South”.

The course promises to be more than just a late night snack. Marco Torres, a taco expert and journalist in Houston has studied up on this savory syllabus. Torres says, “On the one hand people may say, oh you know, it’s another throw away elective course. Oh it’s a course about tacos. It’s a course about food. But reading what he had to say, is pretty interesting.”

Honestly, eating tacos for homework sounds more interesting than calculus, but what can you possibly learn from a tortilla and some filling? You’d be surprised! Torres says, “It goes why beyond food. It talks about culture. It talks about family. It talks about migration and immigration. Evolution of food and evolution of culture, and this course is something that’s amazing where young kids in college can see the importance of the world around them, which includes Mexican food and tacos.”

A subject our taco expert knows all to well. He takes us to Tierras Calientes Taco Truck to get a taste of the course material.
Torres says, “This is one of my top five taco trucks in the city. It’s something that’s easy for me to tell people, hey come to Tierras Calientes, get some good tacos and be happy.” Consider yourself, schooled.



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