US adults score below average on global test

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PARIS – Lack of problem-solving skills? Don’t look for guidance in Washington, D.C., dude. You’re not going to learn a thing. But to be fair, maybe what’s going on in our capital is a metaphor for the state of our society.

So, there was this international test that measures skills and competences at work. Things like math, literacy and practical abilities. Adults from 24 industrialized countries and regions took the test and guess what, we failed.

In math, Americans scored below the average; and in reading, we ended in 16th place, far behind Japan, Finland the Netherlands and Australia.

Higher-income and older Americans outperformed low income workers and younger folks, who fell through the cracks and that says a lot about our future.

Countries like Finland are at the top of the class because continuing education is a priority for them. Maybe it’s our time to step up.

Just some food for thought.


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