US aid to Syria refugees supports ISIS terrorists

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KOBANI, Syria -– The battle for control of Kobani in northern Syria has spilled across the border into Turkey, triggering confrontations in Istanbul.

Turkish supporters of Islamic State, or ISIS, wore masks and carried sticks when they fought with leftist secular students at Istanbul University.

And then Kurds clashed with Islamists and police in other Turkish cities, leaving at least 30 people dead.

But now, the Turkish government says Iraqi Kurds can cross through turkey to get help in the battle for Kobani.

And if that sounds complicated, try this:

The US Agency for International Development has been sending food, medical supplies and other relief items to Syria for refugees displaced from their homes by the Syrian civil war and now, the attacks on their cities by ISIS.

But reports say all the aid from the United States, Europe, and the United Nations isn’t getting to the refugees.

Instead, some of it ends up on the black market or used by ISIS to feed and supply its fighters and supporters.

Some supplies do get through to the refugees, but not before going through ISIS checkpoints that collect “tolls” or “taxes”.

In this country, we call them bribes.

The report says some Syrian distribution networks of US aid have put ISIS thugs on their payroll, which puts the US and our allies in the position of deciding whether to cut off the aid, or to continue paying, feeding, and mending ISIS terrorists.

Just another example of no good deed going unpunished.



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