US measles outbreak worst in nearly 20 years

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HOUSTON, TX – The Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention says we’ve seen a spike in measles in recent months.

In fact, the CDC says more people have come down with measles in the first four months of 20-14 than in the first four months of the previous 18 years.

So far this year, 13 outbreaks across the country resulting in 129 reported cases. Many of those in people who visited the Philippines. Harris County had one reported case last year, an un-vaccinated, 1-year-old with a history of international travel.

“With international travel, we’re always just one airplane ride from a case or two,” said Kathy Barton, chief of public affairs for the City of Houston.

The Amish communities in Ohio have been hit hard this year. At least 13 people connected with a group that traveled to the Philippines.

Last year, Tarrant County had 21 confirmed cases, thirteen of them from an un-vaccinated adult who traveled overseas.

The CDC encourages parents to have their children vaccinated against measles, saying vaccination has prevented an estimated 323 million cases and 732,000 deaths.

“There has been a trend in the last several years for some parents to not immunize their children, or to delay immunization. And that is an unnecessary risk for their child for the other children around them,” Barton said.

The US has not had a recorded measles death since 2005, but as more and more cases break out, sadly, it’s just a matter of time.

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