US plans to support rescue of missing Nigerian girls

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ABUJA, NIGERIA – More abductions and women missing in Nigeria. Families say members of the group, Boko Haram, also took over an all-girls school in Nigeria and kidnapped about 300 girls on April 14.

The name ‘Boko Haram’ means western education is sinful and the leader of the group has promised to sell the girls.

“I abducted your girls,” the leader says. “By Allah, I will sell them in the market.”

The Nigerian police is offering a $300,000 reward for information leading to the missing girls.

The emotion of these kidnappings is felt from Nigeria to the U.S. Supporters gathered outside the Capitol in Washington, praying for the safe return of the girls.

Houston Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson Lee, among those asking the U.S. to send military support to assist with rescuing the girls and returning them back to their families.

“We’re asking the Nigerian government to establish a victims fund. We would like a special military unit, separate from the Nigerian military forces. At that point the United States may be able to add additional resources for that military unit,” says Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

President Obama has also pledged support saying, “We have offered and it’s been accepted…help from our military and law enforcement officials. we’re gonna do everything we can to provide assistance to them.”

The question, though is it enough to save these girls? And their families are wondering if they’ll ever see them again.





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