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AUSTIN,TX – Robin Williams’ death is a shocking reminder that depression and suicide affect people from all walks of life.

Now that tragic wake-up call could be responsible for saving lives right here in Texas.

The University of Texas system regents voted Thursday August 21 to put $2.5 million toward two new suicide prevention programs for students.

One is an after-hours crisis hotline to be funded for five years, and the other, a ‘bystander intervention initiative’ will be funded for three years.

That program will teach UT students and employees how to recognize and offer help with mental health issues.

With stats saying three out of four people who attempt suicide never seek out counseling, recognizing the signs that someone’s suffering is critical.

Moving away to college can be thrilling, but it can, also, be lonely and isolating.

Putting a generous chunk of change toward improving the mental health of students seems like a wise investment in everyone’s futures.