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NAPIER, NEW ZEALAND – Think vampires and you probably think of Transylvania, right? Well, if some reports are to be believed, New Zealand may be home to the bloodsuckers.

In the past couple weeks, there have been at least three reported cases of nefarious neck nibbling in the tiny town of Napier.

In the first case, police say a group of women got in a fight in a supermarket parking lot. One got arrested for pulling a Mike Tyson and biting another woman’s ear.

A couple hours later at the Thirsty Whale Pub, a woman apparently got thirsty for more than just beer. In the middle of a bar brawl, the jugular junkie jumped on a man’s back and bit his neck, nicking an artery and spilling blood everywhere. He went to the hospital in serious condition; she was arrested.

As for the third case, police say some family squabbling resulted in some nibbling.

Kiwi investigators call all the biting cases a coincidence, but admit “It is a little bit weird.”