Venezuela’s new leader accuses U.S. of killing Chavez

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CARACAS, VENEZUELA – Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez may be dead, but his dislike for Uncle Sam lives on.

We can thank the country’s new strong-man, Nicolas Maduro, for that. Even as Chavez was supposed to be at death’s door, Maduro, then Venezuela’s Vice President, was telling anyone who would listen that someone deliberately infected Chavez with the cancer that eventually killed him.

And according to Maduro, that someone was Uncle Sam.

But Chavez was the first to come up with that theory a couple of years ago, telling people at a military event in Caracas that he wondered if the United States had plans to infect Latin American leaders with cancer.

Maduro has vowed to expose, in his words, the ‘dark forces’ that wanted to rid the world of El Comandante. And he is promising to establish a commission of the world’s best scientists to investigate what may be known as: Who Killed Hugo, the Curious Case of the Chavez Cancer.


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