Verbal fight breaks out during press conference for allegedly mold-infested apartments in northwest Houston

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HOUSTON - It was supposed to be a discussion about mold, but instead it got nasty!

"Steve's a good man!" a resident named Miss Vern shouted. "Why Y'all do that? Like we had rats? The rats...the mold been here!"

Members of the Texas Organizing Project (TOP) planned a peaceful press conference Tuesday at the Crofton Place Apartments to call attention to some mold-infested apartments on the city's northwest side.

But things turned ugly in a hurry!

"Leave him alone! Leave my friend alone!" Miss Vern screamed. "Leave him alone. Go to somebody else, I tell you!"

"Y'all lying on me! Let's go!" residents yelled back and forth.

Before anything really got off the ground, members of TOP were directed by management to get off the property.

"I'm gonna shut the block! You go home!" Miss Vern chided.

"This doesn't make sense! This is unlivable!" Mocheka Cloud, a dissatisfied resident who says she's being evicted, declared.

"They got mold everywhere! There was mold before the man got here!" Miss Vern retorted.

"It's not right for nobody to try and lie or something at Mr. Steve Zola," resident Artavious Jones insisted. "That's bull crap!"

As it turns out, management seems to have some loyal, content residents, but also a few tenants who aren't happy with the living conditions at the apartments.

"Come in and talk to me," Crofton Place Apartments Regional Manager Steve Zola said. "I'll show you the records. I've nothing to hide."

"Rats, roaches, violence.....uh, my son just got jumped," Cloud revealed. "Nothing's being done in the apartments."

But other residents say Zola has helped many residents out of his own pocket.

"That man need a Humanitarian of the Year Award. He does!" Jones remarked.

"Anybody that had an eviction, I still let stay during the hurricane. I wasn't going to throw 'em in the water," Zola added.

One resident in particular-- Miss Vern-- made quite an impression on everyone!

"Y'all need to leave this man alone!" she asserted. "This man has done everything he can to try to help this property."

Looks like this fight may be far from over.....but the battle lines have definitely been drawn!


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