Verizon Wireless bills Oregon man $2 million for one-month service

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DAMASCUS, OR – You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of cell phones and usage, but of the monthly billing, a sometimes frightening journey that will take you through The Verizon Zone.

Submitted for your consideration: a VerizonWireless bill. It arrives every month by an unseen hand.

And then one month it tells you that you owe $2,156,593.64.

Ken Slusher says he and his girlfriend owe the money for one month of service from November 2014.

He says the first bill should have been for about $120, but it was for $698 with a previous balance of $451.

The next bill was for nine-dollars and a penny.

Slusher canceled the service in December and returned the phones in January, but the bills kept coming.

Slusher says VerizonWireless promised to take care of it, but then he got a record message telling him that “Our records indicate that this account is being processed or has been processed for collection.”

Slusher has collection agencies biting his heels, and his mortgage company will not close on his house purchase.

VerizonWireless blames it all on a programming error and says “We are correcting the error now and have resolved the issue to his satisfaction.”

Slusher has heard similar promises, but this time he’s hoping the sign post up ahead will lead him out of The Verizon Zone.


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