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DENVER, CO – It’s no secret that military veterans often struggle to readjust to civilian life, commonly suffering from PTSD and depression. A group in Colorado, called Grow4Vets, has been helping veterans for a year now by handing out marijuana to those who suffer from PTSD.

But Colorado’s state medical board just ruled not to recognize cannabis as a treatment for PTSD. So now, Grow4Vets is teaming up with another marijuana-based company called High There!, a social network for sharing cannabis.

Together the groups are holding rallies to spread the word and try to get vets marijuana that they use as medicine.
Ed Barela, an Army Veteran, says, “People say that you know cannabis is bad for you. There are a lot of proof saying that it’s not. It does help, especially with PTSD.”  Richard Hughes, an Air Force Veteran, added, “I was diagnosed with survivor guilt, if you will. And a form of PTSD and you what it helps me. It helps me sleep. It helps me what I call balance, stay balanced.”

Grow 4 vets founder, Roger Martin doesn’t understand why the Colorado medical board ruled against weed for well-being. “We have vets that come to us taking 20-25 drugs for different prescription medications every single day.” The groups’ next step is to go on tour to each state that has legalized recreational marijuana.

Whether marijuana is the answer or not, it’s good to see activists protecting veterans’ issues just like the military protects us everyday.