Video captures teen girls savagely beating another girl as crowd cheers

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BROOKLYN, NY – Fans of the 70s punk-rock group The Ramones wrote using a baseball bat to “Beat on the Brat.” But a group of teenage girls used their fists and feet to beat another girl inside a Brooklyn McDonald’s across from a high school.

And, yes, it was caught on cell phone video.

At least four girls punch, kick, and drag their victim to the cheers of onlookers who don’t step in to help.

At one point the beating moves to some tables where the teenage thugs continue their relentless assault by throwing the victim to the ground, taking turns kicking her and stomping on her head.

An adult customer cautiously steps in to move the girls back and to offer a small amount of protection against the circling pack. But that didn’t last long as the attackers step in to deliver more kicks to her body and head.

“The tenacity of placing something on video to shoot a young lady being beat down by six or seven young women is ludicrous in our community,” said community activist Tony Herbert.

The franchise owner issued a statement saying, “The safety of my employees and customers is my top priority. In keeping with my restaurant policy, my employees contacted the police at the onset of the situation.”

Police say the victim hasn’t filed a complaint.

She could be feeling lucky to come away with only two black eyes and some bruises. Filing charges could lead to something worse.



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