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HOUSTON- Early this morning, a “wrong way” driver on the North Loop plowed into a car going the right direction. The impact decimated the vehicle and killed 2 of the 3 occupants. The wrong way driver suffered minor injuries. “He had an odor of alcohol on his breath” said Sgt. JR Roberts of the Houston Police Department. The DWI Task Force is now investigating to see if drunk driving charges are warranted.

Drinking and driving is always a bad idea, so it’s disturbing to see this YouTube video out of Chiefland, Florida giving people the 4-1-1 on how to get through DWI check points by posting their sign with driver`s license and registration on an outside window.

It worked it Florida but don’t try it here in the Lone Star State unless… “If you want to be arrested, I would advocate that approach” says Dane Johnson a DWI Attorney at Johnson, Johnson & Baer in the Heights. “You`re probably bringing more suspicion to yourself than you would be if you just complied and handed them your driver`s license.”

Texas doesn`t have DWI checkpoints but the police can pull you over for a plethora of reasons including seat belt and registration checks, so don`t even try giving them the silent treatment. “They`re going to communicate with you in one manner or another whether it`s you voluntarily rolling down your window or them taking measures to get that window down or opened in a different manner, they are going to communicate with you.” In this case, talk is cheaper than bail money.