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HOUSTON — Owners of the Smoking Glass Smoke Shop are hoping surveillance video will help Houston police catch a slithering burglar suspect.

It all went down Saturday around 3.a.m.

Video shows a man sliding around on the floor on his stomach, making his way toward the cash register.

“He had possibly been in the store,” co-owner Billy Cosgrove said. “He knew the layout of the store. He knew where the motion sensors were, and he knew where the cash drawer was.”

Cosgrove said the man broke in and stole cash as well as nearly $1,000 in merchandise. The store is also claiming $700 in damage.

“Somebody actually took a screwdriver and broke out a window and actually came inside the store and was crawling around trying to get inside of one of the vapor cases. He actually threw rocks at it,” Cosgrove said.

With the number of cameras in the shop, police have a good picture of the suspect.

“We were trying to pull different angles, and we’ve actually created a wanted poster. It has a pretty good look of the individual, actually. He has an Astros tattoo on him, so he’s pretty easily identifiable,” Cosgrove said.

The man targeted the only window that didn’t have bars on it, something that they have now corrected.

Smoking Glass Smoke Shop is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest.