Vince Young participates at Texas’ Pro Day

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AUSTIN, TX – Vince Young, the former Longhorn and number 3 overall pick of the 2006 NFL draft, is back on the UT campus trying to prove himself for NFL scouts at Texas’ Pro Day.

Talk about swallowing a piece of humble pie, or swallowing your pride! It’s unheard of for a pro-player to go back to college to revive his career, but when a promising NFL start fizzles and dies like it did for Young, you have do what you have do.

Young is a former Pro-Bowler, but has made more recent headlines for his financial woes than his skills on the field, which ultimately lead to him getting axed by the Buffalo Bills in the 2012 preseason. He’s out of work and needs a job.

From the looks of it, Young is healthy and had a pretty great showing.



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