Voss Road has a pothole that is irritating drivers

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HOUSTON – Drivers have to deal with plenty of road hazards in Houston and this one just seems to be getting worse.

“My hours are early mornings, there’s not that much street light so I run into it a lot of times, it’s pretty bad,” explained Darald Preap.

Today’s Pothole of the Day is located on Voss Road near Westheimer Road on Houston’s southwest side.

“When you hit, it’s like a big rock on your tire, I mean, that could damage your tire. I have small tires so I can feel it real bad.”

This whole section of road seems to be falling apart, and though most drivers avoid this crevice in the road, some just can’t seem to avoid it.

“It’s pretty frustrating, I see they fix some but there a little potholes, they didn’t get all of them.”

A heavily traveled road, if it isn’t fixed soon, it will most likely get much worse before long.

“If I didn’t know, it could hit a boom and then you right went through it and it could damage your tire.”

His message to city hall, “I would love the city to fix it.”



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