Voter Registration Numbers Soar in Texas


HOUSTON (CW39) Voter Registration Offices around Texas have been in overdrive. Since September, over 500,000 active new voters have been added to the state voting rolls. That alone is impressive. Even more impressive, it’s estimated, 3 million new voters have registered in Texas, since 2016.

These numbers are staggering. It also looks like this: 1 in 5 voters in Texas this autumn, all will be first-time Texas voters.

Many of these new voters are estimated to be younger and come from diverse backgrounds. In fact, analysis from research company “Targetsmart” shows that 60% of these voters are either under the age of 25 or people of color, groups that lean Democratic.

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement in part: “As one of the youngest and most diverse states in the country, the electorate in Texas has fundamentally shifted over the past few years. Turnout in the election is expected to break records.”

Since September 1, here are the counties that have seen the highest amount of added voters to the voting rolls:

Harris 55,044
Dallas 32,736
Bexar 24,501
Collin 22,022
Denton 19,593
Tarrant 17,983
Travis 17,466

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