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MANASSAS, VA – There may be a reason why weed is called wacky tobacky.

A study in The Journal of Neuroscience suggests that smoking one joint a week while you’re in college can damage your brain, specifically the parts of the brain responsible for pleasure, memory, emotions, and knowing right from wrong.

The not-so-special effects were not just for college students, but anyone between the ages of 18 and 25 who did a doobie, or more, a week.

Now, there’s another form of pot hitting the streets of the USA. It’s called wax. It’s also known as butter. And it’s just as illegal as weed, where weed is still illegal.

It also has a kick that will knock you on your butt, equal to about 20 joints. Cops near Los Angeles found a bunch of it recently packaged and ready for sale at a music festival.

It’s even showing up in smaller communities, like here in Lincoln County, MO, and Roswell, GA.

That’s because it’s easy to make, with lots of stoner chefs posting their recipes online.

It also can literally blow up in your face if you make a mistake.

So this is one wax job you may want to think twice about.