Walk flick makes folks sick

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HOLLYWOOD, CA – Extra, extra, read all about it: Walk flick makes folks sick.

Translation: the new movie The Walk is making people toss their cookies. But that’s not a review of the flick. It’s just that the way it was produced gives people that sick feeling of really high anxiety, or vertigo.

The dictionary defines “vertigo” as a feeling of dizziness, a swirling in the head, where everything seems to be engulfed in a whirlpool of terror.

One entertainment writer tweeted after the screening of The Walk that reports of guys vomiting in the restroom after the screening are true.

“Witnessed it. Came close. Bad visual trigger for vertigo sufferers."

The film tells the story of Philippe Petit, who sneaked a walk on a wire across the World Trade Center in 1974, back and forth, eight times.

The star of the flick was only a dozen feet off the ground, but that won’t matter if your stomach and your head are swirling like a top.

Maybe the theaters will end up serving popcorn in vomit bags.


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