Wanna get girls? Don’t do this

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HOUSTON, TX – Okay guys, let’s talk Valentine’s Day.  We know you’re dreading it.  Every year, on February 14, we have to navigate through what we should do, what not to do, or were expected to do even if she said it was not necessary.   And God help us if we forgot to mark the day on the calendar.

But don’t worry because we’re here to help.  If you wanna be “the man”, here’s a list of the top things our amazing female NewsFix staff find unattractive in a dude, and some tips on the right thing to do.

  • First, don’t be cheap.  That’s a no, no.  You’re taking your woman on a date, so be a gentleman.
  • Don’t be a lazy bum.  You don’t have to be rich to get lucky or find true love.  But women feel a guy with no ambition is just a turn-off.
  • Don’t be self-absorbed.  If you’re so wonderful as you say, let the other person talk from time to time and pay attention to what she says.
  • Most women like men who are fit, healthy and brush their teeth.  But if you spend too much time in front of the mirror, they might start thinking that maybe dating women is not at the top of your priorities.  It’s all good, but just saying.
  • Netflix and chill is great, but girls also like to go out on dates, dress up, have fun and interesting conversations.  So, make them feel special.
  • Finally, don’t be a cheater, and treat women with respect… not just on Valentine’s Day.

So, now you’re ready to go.  Be the lover you always wanted to be.  But please, don’t brag about how romantic you are: your friends will hate you.  Besides, everybody knows you won’t keep it up all year round.



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