War with ISIS has begun

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Grego sounds off on US airstrikes against ISIL/ISIS:

“I asked my friend how she was doing this morning and her reply was “aside from our country going to war- I’m in a good mood”!  Well, as a particularly salty old marine put it, “War is hell, but somebody’s got to do it”.  Especially when during the military briefing to the press this morning it was revealed that a possible strike on the homeland.. “here” was immiment!  They also couldn’t tell us if last night’s first round of airstrikes against ISIL/ISIS and a new group we haven’t heard of Khorasan, lessened the threat!  22 targets, with the help of 5 Arab allies that we know of.. the first of what officials say will be many attacks.  When I heard about the attacks, I actually felt a sort of relief, knowing the black-masked devils we’ve been seeing cutting the heads off of people and openly calling out our president and the U.S. are feeling the mighty reach of our military.. What happens when you mess with America!  Back to my friend’s email.. these are airstikes but if you want to call it war so be it.. and in the future it could require ground troops.. No one really knows, but the idea that wars will “ever” cease in the world is an unrealistic expectation.  Women are perhaps more inclined to seek peace and that’s good, but for noble reasons or not and since the beginning of time, dsiputes over, safety, land, resources and ideology have resulted in wars..So, pray for limited loss of innocent lives and the shortest possible duration to settle things.”



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