Was George Zimmerman framed by his girlfriend?

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APOPKA, FL – It was like déjà vu, George Zimmerman arrested and behind bars for a domestic dispute earlier this week. He’s out now after posting a $9,000 bail. But could the man behind one of the most controversial court cases in American history be the victim this time around?

There’s rumors floating around that his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, framed him. The new story is that Zimmerman was pulling the plug on his relationship and leaving Florida. In an attempt to keep him around, she told him she was pregnant. He offered her custody and money, but she wanted him. Then on Monday, as he was leaving, the whole gun scenario, domestic dispute thing went down.

Samantha says she’s telling the truth, but says she won’t speak in front of a camera until she gets paid for a national interview.

Something smells fishy…and greedy.



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