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SUGAR LAND, Texas— Attorneys held a press conference Wednesday to announce a federal law suit filing against the City of Sugar Land after three Sugar Land Police Officers who allegedly beat an unarmed homeless.

According to the attorneys, the man was beaten so severely that they fractured his eye socket and broke a rib, then threatened to shoot him in the face as he lay on the ground.

On the evening of September 23, 2016, three Sugar Land Police officers questioned Jerold Griffin, a homeless man, at Mayfield Park. One of the officers attempted to search Mr. Griffin without his consent. When Mr. Griffin refused, the officers tried to search him by force. When he tried to leave, three officers allegedly tackled him to the ground, punched him, and kicked him, breaking one of his ribs and fracturing his eye socket. As Mr. Griffin lay on the ground, one of the officers put a gun to his forehead and threatened to shoot him in the face.

No officers were injured.

Mr. Griffin sat in the County jail for four months until he was able to pay a bond, and has spent nearly two years fighting the possession of controlled substance case against him. The case is currently pending an appeal after the judge throughout evidence.