Watermelon and hot dogs top grocery lists for the Fourth

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HEMPSTEAD, TX – The National Retail Federation says the average american family will spend $71.23 on groceries for their fourth festivities, that’s up from around $68.00 last year.

What are people buying the most? Hot dogs and watermelon. Independence Day weekend is the biggest weekend of the year for both summertime snacks, and many of the melons sold, are bound to come from right up the road in Hempstead.

“Hempstead is the watermelon capital of Texas, and we’re quite proud of that. This is our highest peak time for watermelon sales, watermelon is not only good to eat, it’s fun to eat,” says owner Cheryl DiIorio Cooke

If you’re a watermelon fan, then you know DiIorio’s farmers market is the spot to shop, but, how do you find the right one? Jonathon DiIorio knows all about that.

“You look for the prettiest one, and most likely, that’s the right one, but it’s all in the sound of it. If it talks back to you, it’s a good one,” explains DiIorio.


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