Weather – Fred on track to impact Florida, more heat and a few storms for Houston


HOUSTON (CW39) Our local weather remains relatively the same for a few more days. That means highs in the mid 90s, but feeling as hot as 103-106 in the afternoon due to the humidity. Not quite heat advisory criteria, but still dangerous if you’re doing spending a long time outside, or doing strenuous physical activity.

We also will continue to see scattered storms develop during the afternoon hours today, Friday and this weekend.

Now on to Fred. The mountainous terrain in Dominican Republic and Haiti have torn it apart. Therefore, it’s weaker on this Thursday morning, dropping to tropical depression status.

As it nears South Florida, it is expected to strengthen to a tropical storm once again. Most models suggest northward progression through Florida, or just west of Florida, this weekend. Either way, Florida will likely experience tropical storm force winds along with heavy rain that could amount to 8″ in some areas.

Historical context: Considering the path of Fred so far, it’s no surprise that the National Hurricane Center keeps it below hurricane limits. The map below shows all the historical hurricane tracks that have crossed South Florida. You’ll notice there’s not one line that originates from Haiti and Dominican Republic. Meaning, it is almost unheard of to have a storm move across those mountains, then hit South Florida as a hurricane. Most South Florida hurricanes move in from those two areas highlighted with red arrows.

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