Weiner veers from one question to the next in Buzzfeed interview


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NEW YORK, NY – Why won’t this guy just go away?!

As New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner sat down for a Buzzfeed Brews interview, he passed on having a beer, and seemed his usual self.

For nearly 40 minutes that can only be described as quintessential Weiner, the embattled candidate for New York City mayor veered from one uncomfortable subject to the next.

From his marriage to Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, to the latest revelations that he continued sexting other women well after leaving congress.

Weiner’s campaign for mayor has been more than a train wreck; so does he measure up for the job as mayor?

Not according to a recent poll that found 80% of New Yorkers having an unfavorable view of Weiner.

Seriously dude? Can you really be in that much denial?

Guess he actually believes the Weiner will rise again.


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