“Welcome to Cleveland” sign greets air travelers to Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE, WI – Folks flying into Milwaukee for the past 37 years may have seen a sign on Mark Gubin’s roof welcoming them to Cleveland.

Gubin thought it was big laughs.  "A lot of people just thought it was funny and fine, but there are always some people who complain about everything," he says.

He has complaints by the bag full, and some people took their ire to city council members. One member Gubin a letter telling him it was misleading.

The city eventually outlawed such signs, but Gubin was grandfathered in.

Until the Cleveland Cavaliers made it to the NBA finals, people had pretty much forgotten about Gubin’s sign. But now, it’s everywhere on the Internet, trending like crazy, crawling all over the Web.

What started out as a joke oh-so-many years ago, has captured the imagination, humor, and ire of people around the world.

But imagine what it could have been if had chosen another city. Now that would have been a Hell (as in Michigan) of a joke.



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