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HOUSTON, TX – Just when you thought the immigration debate couldn’t get any worse this happens: more than 50,000 migrant children, unaccompanied, flooding the Mexican border into the U.S. — thousands coming right here to Texas. The question is what to do about it. State Senator Wendy Davis says it’s time for state legislators to cancel their summer vacations and head back to Austin to deal with it head on.

“Call a special session to hear from local communities and first responders about the cost they’re bearing in this humanitarian crisis,” Davis said at campaign stop In Houston, “and to make sure that we are helping to make them whole.”

Davis is asking Governor Perry to call the House and Senate back to order to deal with the crisis. Whether that happens won’t be seen until the smoke clears from Perry’s meeting with President Obama in Dallas. One thing folks from both sides of the isle seem to agree on is who should pick up the check.

“Ultimately this is the federal government’s responsibility and the federal government should bear these costs,” Davis says.

In the mean time, the burden is falling on local churches and cities to handle. How long they can hold back the flood remains to be seen.