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HOUSTON, TX – Strip clubs already don’t have the best reputations when it comes to business. And now, cops believe it may have gotten one west Houston club owner killed.

A short time after 5 a.m. Monday, cops were called to Beverly Hill at Greenridge.

“What we’ve been told by witnesses as around that time they heard loud noises, some describe it as gunshots and we know that to be true. There were several gunshots out here,” said Sgt. Richard Rodriguez with HPD Homicide.

A white Bentley was in a ditch with the driver dead inside. Sgt. Rodriguez said the man looked like he had been shot several times.

Witnesses gave no suspect or vehicle descriptions.

What cops have been told is the victim is one of the owners of Envy Houston, a not-yet-opened strip club on Richmond just down the street from the crime scene.

Cops say the club Envy owners had been in altercations with people from other strip clubs in the area.

Sgt. Rodriguez said, “We don’t know what the exact beef or problem is between our complainant’s club and the other clubs. Apparently it’s some sort of turf battle with trying to get them to stop their club from opening.”

Surely, they didn’t have to stop his heart from beating.

Then again, this could be completely unrelated to the club thing.

One thing is for sure, there’s a cold-blooded killer out there, and it sounds like cops have their work cut out for them.