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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas —  Summer is officially here and with that comes those pesky mosquitoes, and some alarming news: Harris County already has three tests for West Nile come back positive.

“We had one on May 30th that was found close to the Intercontinental Airport. The second one was June 1st and that was in the Southeast Gulf Gate area, and the third was on June 7th and in North of Downtown,” said Director of Mosquito and Vector Control Mustapha Debboun.

West Nile first hit Texas back in 2002, and according to Harris County Public Health, mosquito season isn’t expected to end any time soon.

“From May to late September or October you’re going to have the high humidity and high temperature and because of that mosquitos do thrive better in those environments,” said Debboun.

This weekend we are expecting heavy rain which can increase the mosquito population.

“The heavy rain can increase the population after the rain stops and recedes because there will be a lot of pockets of water by having a lot of pockets of water mosquitos are going to find water to lay their eggs,” Debboun added.

Harris County Public Health recommends covering up outside, wearing mosquito repellent and getting rid of all standing water in your front and back yard.

West Nile happens every season and we are here to help and if they do have a case where they think they have a lot of mosquitos they can call us the number is 713-440-4800,” Debboun said.