West Point forbids pillow fighting by future defenders of the homeland

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WEST POINT, NY – As the song says, “first to fight for the right and to build the nation’s might, and the Army goes rolling along.”

Yeah, but just make sure you don’t get hurt by a pillow in the process.

There’s a tradition at the US Military Academy at West Point, at least since 2001.

First-year cadets end their summer training with a full-frontal pillow assault on other plebes, the last step to being a full member of the corps.

It’s a voluntary free-for-all that upperclassmen can’t take part in. Their only jobs are to stand around and cheer, and to help anyone who gets hurt.

And therein lies the problem.

Back in August, the pillow fight injured 30 cadets, giving concussions to 24 of them.

Many of the injuries came from falling down or being knocked to the ground.

But, the brass has banned all future pillow fights.

At a time when China, with the world’s largest military, plans to get leaner and meaner by cutting 300,000 troops ( about the population of Corpus Christi), and while jihadist thugs go around blowing up and beheading people they don’t like, we don’t want the future defenders of the homeland to hurt each other with fluffy pillows.

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