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HOUSTON, Tx – A student-teacher altercation at Westfield High School gets physical.  Of course it was caught on camera.  A student punches a substitute teacher right in the face.

Princess Bacon, a student at WHS, says “I had ran across the other side of the classroom, I got scared and called my momma.  I thought they were about to start fighting like, hard.  And the teacher said he was gonna kill him.  That’s when I got scared, but he shouldn’t have hit that man like that though.”

What the video doesn’t show is what was said, or done before the classroom chaos really started.

“They said that the teacher was talking about his momma or whatever and his mom is dead, that’s why he got so defensive about it.  I can’t really say much about it because I wasn’t there to witness it,” says another student, Tony Derrian.

Dead or alive, talking about somebody’s mom almost always brings trouble.  Spring ISD Police Department arrested the student for assaulting a public servant.

“That kid needs to be disciplined.  He don’t need to be in school hitting on a grown man like that.  There’s something else wrong with that kid,” says Murphy Malone who is a parent.

Maybe, if somebody else other than teachers were left to discipline the kids, then things would be different.

Spring ISD says, “Safety and security is our number one priority for creating a conducive learning and work environment.”

School is a place for learning, and for this student, now he’s learning the hard way.