WFXR Sports Sitdown : Former Ferrum Panthers football player Nate Daniels


MIDLOTHIAN, Va, (WFXR) — Nate Daniels was a star football player for Ferrum College from 1995-1998. His play on the field earned him a spot on the Division III All-American team as well as induction to the Ferrum College Hall of Fame in 2017. After Daniels graduated from Ferrum, he had a five-year professional football career in the Arena Football League I & II, American Indoor Football League, playing for teams in Iowa, Roanoke, Norfolk and Richmond. Now a days he giving back to youth in the Richmond area in more ways than one.

Daniels Sports Performance, located in Midlothian, the brain child of Nate Daniels since 2005.
Daniels says since he was young he has always had a love for physical fitness and training. “The Daniels Sports Performance has been a great vehicle for me to impact young people and that is what I am passionate about. Anyway, I can provide opportunities for young people and to give back to young people to provide guidance and mentorship and I am all for that as part of who I am and how I always do,” said Daniels.

Nate’s daughter Addison has gained from training with her dad. “When ever you are working there are people who are not working and by going above and beyond and striving to be the best you can be in your own expertise. It helps you out as a person,” said Addison Daniels.

Nate Daniels passion is to help the young people physically and mentally in sports. But there is one thing that you can add to his resume and that is author he came out with a book “So You Want To Be A Pro” and it helps the youngins for the possibility of being a pro athlete.

“Every athlete has a similar story. Some iconic player, some iconic team that says hey that is what I gotta do! So I wanna show what that journey is like for a young person to get to that inspiration and you wanna be great and for what they will do to go to the youth level to the high school level and all the way through,” said Daniels. Daniels says his mission to get youngsters to get to their end goal is his inspiration!

“Parents will come up to me and say you really impact my child. They love working with you and being with you. But I always tell them they inspire me. They motivate me to come out here and with what they are able to accomplish and when I see them working hard and making good decisions and when I attend their signing days and getting a scholarship and going to play at a school when they are graduating from high school or middle school there is nothing more fulfilling personally,” said Daniels.

Daniels will have another children’s book coming out in September called “So You Want To Be A Baller”.
He wrote both of those children’s books during the pandemic. Also during the pandemic to keep his athletes in training mode he sent out virtual training programs. He is also great when it comes to playing music as he got his minor in music from Ferrum! Physical trainer, musician, and author…who could ask for anything more!

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