What are your Valentine’s Day plans?


HOUSTON (CW39) — What are you planning to do on Valentine’s Day? According to Suzy, a research platform, nearly 70 percent of consumers are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home this year.

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Due to COVID-19 restrictions or concerns, more than one-third of respondents who went out for Valentine’s Day last year are staying home this year. Suzy’s research also revealed that 31 percent who stayed home in 2020 are sticking to the same plan this time around, while nearly a quarter plan to go out for Valentine’s Day – just as they did last year.

In the survey, 36 percent of the respondents say they are cooking dinner at home this year, whereas 28 percent say they are ordering takeout from a restaurant.

Despite the shift in Valentine’s Day plans, candy remains a Cupid’s arrow for consumers who are planning to give gifts this year. 86 percent of those surveyed plan to buy Valentine’s Day candy this year.

According to Suzy research, top Valentine’s Day gifts include:

  • Candy — 66%
  • Flowers — 60%
  • Jewelry — 54%
  • Greeting Cards — 52%
  • Wine/Alcohol — 42%
  • Perfume/Cosmetics — 45%



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