What would you do if you won the Powerball jackpot?

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HOUSTON, Texas - If you live in this country, you're just six numbers away from becoming a billionaire.

$1.5 billion! Imagine how many times you could quit your job with that money, or the things you could start collecting.

"I would collect a lawyer and a financial advisor", laughed Houston resident Debbie Morgan.  She made a pool with her co-workers and has great dreams for tonight's draw.

"I would start collecting private jets", added Vicente Montemayor, right after buying a ticket at a store near the Galleria area.  "I will also build a gigantic statue of myself."

In any case, lucky buddy, don't expect to take $1.5 billion home.  Because the number is not accurate: after federal taxes, Powerball winners will pocket about $651 million; enough cash to finally purchase decent health insurance, cancel your student loans, fix that window in your car, stop borrowing passwords to watch shows and movies, start doing groceries at "Whole (paycheck) Foods" and perhaps buy new cowboy boots for the Rodeo.  But most importantly, you'll be able to tell that person you just can't stand… to shove off.

"Probably my boss, who is standing next to me", said Montemayor.  And his boss found that pretty funny.

"I'm a nice person", Morgan defended herself.   "I would just disappear and nobody would be able to find me."

So, good luck… and enjoy your trip.

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